Why Startups Need Social Media Marketing to Succeed

The social media landscape is booming at an unprecedented rate. In its level playing field, startups have a chance to escape anonymity, make big waves, and capture the attention of a wide audience. So, I would say that having social media profiles set up is just as important as building a business website. It is no longer something optional. Your competition is probably getting on top of the social game in order to gain an edge and the time to take action would be now. Here is why you have to channel your distinctive brand voice and get out there. 

Maintaining competitiveness 

According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers use social media to promote their brand, products, and services. Why is this? First of all, social media marketing is outperforming conventional methods like TV and radio and is also much more cost-effective. It reduces overall marketing costs and offers an exceptional ROI. What is more, with more than three billion users combined, social platforms provide unparalleled exposure. Hence, those who are not utilizing social to its full potential risk falling far behind their competition.

Improved ranking and visibility

Social media plays a vital role in boosting visibility in search engines, the lifeblood of the internet. Although they are not an official ranking factor, Google uses social signals (likes, shares, etc.) as proof of domain authority and credibility. Therefore, they can help startups make headways towards the forefront of search engine result pages (SERP). To earn your place there, you should craft unique, engaging, and shareable content. While at it, make sure to also optimize your social profiles and present up-to-date, accurate information.

Driving traffic

Furthermore, social media acts as a powerful site referral vehicle. It drives traffic to your pages like no other channel, but only if you ditch that passive, “build it and they will come” mentality. Start actively directing people from your profiles to the homepage of your digital storefront, blog, or website. With this kind of approach, it is possible to reach beyond your loyal circles and tap into new audiences. You are basically able to pull in people who had not even heard of you before stumbling upon your social profile or content.

Bolstering sales

Once you successfully boost the volume of traffic, you can start extracting real value from it (conversion). In this day and age, people are more comfortable making a purchase after a positive brand experience. Besides, the estimated average costs of social media customer-acquisition are way lower than traditional outbound methods. All in all, you have an opportunity to close more sales and do it without blowing the budget. Just remember that it takes time to refine the revenue-generating formula, so do not expect miracles right away.   

Brand awareness

Social media attract a much grander audience than any traditional channel. The interaction takes place around the clock and on customers’ own terms. They expect modern brands to be not only present but also active and responsive on social networks. Hence, use your social accounts to take recognition to a whole new level. Render your business more accessible and relatable to the customers. Hubs in the league of LinkedIn also allow you to get in touch with investors, influencers, and experts in your industry sector.

Data-powered approach

Many business owners overlook that digital socializing is a chance to get to know their customers better— uncover their real wants and needs. They probably have not heard that social media monitoring in Singapore has been highlighted as a crucial tactic on the annual Content 360 Conference. To avoid their mistake, you need to make social listening an integral part of your strategy.  This method supplies you with key consumer insights you can use to customize the content and target the right buyer personas. Always make educated marketing decisions based on processed social data.

Building a loyal customer base

Finally, a sound social media marketing strategy tends to generate user engagement and nurture positive reputation. The majority of users who interact with brands eventually develop a sense of loyalty. So, focus on building trust among your followers and adding value to their lives.  Use social media as a stage for two-way communication, customer service, and creating meaningful relations. Refrain from mere self-promotion. Encourage people to refer you to their peers and do some word-of-mouth marketing for you.

Rising above

Social media is the mainstay of business marketing strategies and a real game-changer for startups. Lagging behind is not an option, as it could spell doom for your entrepreneurial dreams. Therefore, come up with a killer marketing plan. Get in front of the huge audience and keep your fingers on its pulse. Project the best image of your business and let people know what you stand for. Enhance the brand, spread awareness, and improve the bottom line. You should be able to develop loyal fans, increase your market share, and get ahead of the pack.

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